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Friday, October 8, 2021

Casiopea -- Lakai



I've got no idea what that word means. It sounds Hawaiian and from what I've read online, a couple of folks from Texas said that it's Hawaiian for "child of the sea", but when I pressed the word into Google Translate (yeah, I know...not the most end-all and be-all of dictionaries) from Hawaiian to English, I just got bupkis. There is a brand of shoe with that name and an ethnic tribe of Uzbeks is known as the Lakai. There's something rather relaxing about the word, though, but then again, I must be thinking about a lanai which is a porch or veranda whose origin is Hawaiian, too.

Maybe I ought to talk with drummer Harvey Mason and keyboardist Bob James because they're the ones who came up with "Lakai", a track on Japanese fusion band Casiopea's "Eyes Of The Mind" album from April 1981. I'm not sure whether Mason and James had specifically come up with the song for the band but I haven't been able to find any hint that either of them had performed it themselves. But let's not rack our brains over this point like we did for the meaning of lakai in the first paragraph. It might actually be a "Sussudio" thing. .

Instead, we should enjoy it for what it is...a nice and mellow melodic exercise in enjoying a drink and resting in a hammock, preferably at the same time. Just in time for the weekend.


  1. I love thinking and talking about etymology, Lexicology, and Philology! I have never heard the term 'Lakai' before but mysteries like these really get interested!

    1. Then, have at it, Brian! :) See if there is anything certain about the meaning of this word.

  2. In Lithuanian "Lakai" means to varnish
    In German "Lakai" is the masculine singular of the word meaning a lackey or footman. In Hebrew "Lachai" which sounds like "Lakai" would me "to live" and L'Chaiim means 'to life'.

    However, If we are going with the Hawaiian language claim then.............
    The word "Kai" in Hawaiian language means sea according search results from the online Ulukau Hawaiian Electronic Library.

    However, "La" does not mean 'child', but rather 'sun' or something to do with the sun. "Lei" on the other hand can figuratively mean child but it usually does not have that meaning. And, "laka" means to like, to domicile, or to be gentle.

    Ah, the mystery continues................

    Now, looking at the tracks on the album we noticed that there are two tacks titled LaCosta (Spanish: the coast)
    Wonder if the Bob James and Harvey Mason were mixing Spanish and Hawaiian?

    1. Thanks for your analysis, Brian. :) Mason has a website where he can be contacted but all of his addresses have to do with his profession so I'm not sure whether he would appreciate me asking about a 40-year-old song title. Still, as you say, the mystery continues.


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