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Monday, November 12, 2018

Franchouchou -- Drive-in Tori(ドライブイン鳥)

One of my earliest gastronomical memories involved the family pickup of Kentucky Fried Chicken at the branch just across from the Don Jail here in Toronto (it's been used to film Tom Cruise's "Cocktail" and the cinematic version of "Chicago"). I was never sure about why the Colonel decided to set up shop across from a prison but perhaps it was to drive the prisoners insane over the smell of that oil and the 11 herbs and spices wafting through the bars. I also remember the commercials for KFC back then although the above video doesn't have the jingle that I used to hear.

Well, that memory once again came to the fore once I caught Episode 5 of this season's "Zombie Land Saga"(ゾンビランドサガ). Part of the episode dealt with the zombie aidoru group Franchouchou(フランシュシュ)getting a deal to perform the jingle for a real-life chicken restaurant in Saga Prefecture called Drive-in Tori (Drive-in Bird). Sakura and the gang simply needed to do a tweak....namely, get the still-guttural Tae as played by Kotono Mitsuishi(三石琴乃)into the right frame of reference...and the commercial was a wrap, and the jingle has managed to burrow into my brain.

Drive-in Tori did indeed come up with the lyrics with Tsuyoshi Ishibashi's(石橋序佳)help in composing the cheerful music for its jingle, and about three years ago, the restaurant itself uploaded the commercial. Supposedly the original performers for "Drive-in Tori" were Riz☆Rie.

Less than a couple of weeks ago, one fellow from Gussie Channel decided to upload a video on his visit to Drive-in Tori for lunch. I wonder how much business has boomed since Episode 5 had gone to air, but I certainly wouldn't mind dropping by if I were in the Saga Prefecture neighbourhood. Chicken will always be my favourite form of protein.

And for one member of Franchouchou, this particular chicken may be her favourite form of protein. I will remember not to hit Drive-in Tori if she and her old gang ever decide to haunt the place again (no pun intended).


  1. do you have the lyrics? I am curious.

    1. Hello, lucky.

      You may want to take a look at this page.


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