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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Monday Michiru -- Sands of Time

A rather damp and dreary final November 2018 day in Toronto. Pity, actually...I was hoping for something a bit more positive, meteorologically speaking.

Well, what Saturday J-Canuck cannot provide can perhaps be alleviated by Monday Michiru(Monday満ちる)via her 2008 album "Nexus". Specifically, I am referring to her track "Sands of Time", which is this gorgeous R&B walk in the park on a sunny day. The video certainly exemplifies that. I can only fantasize walking in such a lovely New York neighbourhood when compared to the not-so exciting area around my home.

Monday Michiru wrote and composed "Sands of Time" which I believe talks about all of the ups and downs to be had in life. The singer-songwriter just makes it sound much more upbeat and fun. I've sometimes hoped aloud that this sort of soul could make its way back into Japanese music at large, but perhaps all I have to do is dig deeper among the current stock of J-Pop.

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