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Thursday, November 22, 2018

hi-posi -- You Are My Music

For all of those folks who are new and ravenous for Shibuya-kei, I think that I may have found just the album for you.

There was a compilation album released by Bungalow Records back in 1998 called "Sushi 4004" that is out as an LP and in CD format chock-filled with some of those samples of Shibuya-kei artists such as Fantastic Plastic Machine, Pizzicato Five and Takako Minekawa(嶺川貴子).

To find out about the existence of "Sushi 4004" (which sounds like the final piece of fish on rice I had at a buffet years ago before I collapsed), I accidentally came across this song by duo hi-posi(ハイポジ)which happens to be on the album called "You Are My Music". Partnering some hip-wiggling Latin with a bit of technopop, it's also helped by Miho Moribayashi's(もりばやしみほ)characteristically sexy and whispery vocals for a sound experience that calls for a glass of caipirinha.

Now I figured that since "Sushi 4004" is a collection of Shibuya-kei songs, "You Are My Music" must have had a source in the hi-posi discography. And it appears that it had been released as a 12" single in July 1997 with the tracks being different remixes of the song whose title has incidentally been translated into Japanese: "Kimi no Koe wa Boku no Ongaku"(君の声は僕の音楽).

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