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Monday, November 26, 2018

Reiko Ohara -- Peacock Baby(ピーッコック・ベイビー)

Reiko Ohara(大原麗子)was an actress who passed away almost a decade ago, but pretty much all of my sightings of her were through her appearances on TV variety shows and commercials with the latter on display above. For me, it was her slightly squeaky and sexy voice that I got to know her for.

Although she made her debut in show business back in 1964, she first made her appearance behind a recording mike around March 1968 when she first released her debut single "Peacock Baby". Her vocals weren't all that great but listening to the song created by Chihiro Todaiji and Asei Kobayashi(東大路千弘・小林亜星), I almost had this overwhelming urge to do the Shimmy and do my Austin Powers impersonation. There's quite a bit of inspiration from Sergio Mendes and Brazil '66. Can you dig it, baby? She would release two more singles in 1978 and 1996 along with an album in 1978, but as you can see from the gaps in releases that singing wasn't really a priority with her.

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