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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Chami Satonaka -- Mahou no Beat(魔法のビート)

I guess that she would be one of the last 80s solo aidoru to debut, and though Chami Satonaka(里中茶美)doesn't have the greatest voice, she has plenty of what an old Vaudevillian agent would say is MOXIE! She dances up quite the storm in her video for her 2nd single "Mahou no Beat" (Magical Beat) which came out in July 1989. Takashi Matsumoto(松本隆)wrote the lyrics about admiring her crush some tables away from her in a cafe, while Minoru Komorita(小森田実る)took care of the really peppy and perhaps Eurobeat-y sound.

A native of Okinawa and a graduate from the Okinawa Actors School, Satonaka, whose real name is Chami Hentona(邊土名茶美), released only 5 singles up to July 1990 and one original studio album which came out in 1989. I don't know what she's doing now although according to her J-Wiki profile, she's still listed as a singer and tarento. Perhaps she may not be too well known but I have a feeling that at least some of you may know her younger brother who is the leader and vocalist of this group who has made this huge comeback this year.


  1. Hi!

    I discovered this idol on Youtube, maybe the same as you, hehe. I have to say that many songs in her debut and only album have that early 90's typical eurobeat/synth heavy sound. I don't like most of the 80's idol songs because they sound the same and because of the cutesy and virginal aura which engulfs them... But the late 80s and early 90s idol songs are different. Check Eriko Tamura, Yu Hayami, Rie Miyazawa and her 'Mu' album or Chisato Moritaka.

    Please, keep showing us these delicious jpop songs. I am a fan of your blog!


    1. Hola, Pocari D. and thanks for your comments.

      Yep, the late 80s especially had their own distinctive sounding aidoru with those influences of Eurobeat and other dance sounds. Miho Nakayama was one of my favourites back then. And of course, Chisato Moritaka exploded out of the gate with her great sound.

      I love doing this blog partially because I can find out about these discoveries that I had never heard about, so I'm very happy in showing everyone these tasty tunes. Keep on reading!


  2. Hola!

    I have some of Miho Nakayama songs in my ipod: "Catch me" and two songs from her album Jeweluna, which they have a sound soooooo familiar to Chisato Moritaka's songs .. Maybe Hideo Saito arranged these songs?.

    A great and well known idol, Yumiko Takahashi, has plenty of peppy and eurobeat-y songs too.

    I'm curious about your next eurobeat influenced idol song post! :)

    1. Hello again.

      I remember Yumiko Takahashi but don't know too much of her aidoru music. I've been more accustomed to seeing her as an actress in J-dramas but I will see if I can check out some of her songs.


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