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Friday, November 30, 2018

Yuki Matsuura -- Watashirashiku(私らしく)

Back in April 2017, I wrote up an article about an anison that caught my ears from the show "Kido Senkan Nadesico"(機動戦艦ナデシコ...Martian Successor Nadesico), sung by seiyuu Houko Kuwashima(桑島法子), that had the same effect as strawberries and cream in June.

For whatever insane reason, I never wrote down about who had created "Watashirashiku" in the original article. Allow me to rectify that omission, then, by stating that it was singer-songwriter Yuki Matsuura(松浦有希)who came up with this very pleasant song. Composer and producer Kiyoshi Yoshida(吉田潔)also helped out in the creation and arrangement of the music.

Matsuura provided a self-cover of "Watashirashiku" on her 3rd album "Stella Bambina" from August 1997. Dang, the intro for both versions is still splendid and I do like the harmonica in Matsuura's cover. It's a nice way to finish the work week.

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