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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Haruko Kuwana -- Akogare no Sundown(あこがれのSundown)

Nope...the song of note here isn't on "Moonlight Island" by Haruko Kuwana(桑名晴子), but "Akogare no Sundown" is on her 1978 debut album "Million Stars".

Sharing space with the song from the last Haruko Kuwana article that I wrote about in early 2017 "You're Young", the first track "Akogare no Sundown" (Desired Sundown) is a cool and cooling City Pop tune. After hearing it a few times, I went down to the YouTube comments, a few of which were marveling at the interesting sound, and this was after I had internally remarked on the keyboards myself. There's definitely a 70s city vibe because of that, and Kuwana's swooping vocals hint at those sunset breezes coming off the ocean. It truly feels like a sunset song worthy of a glass of wine.

Like "You're Young", I couldn't find out who wrote and composed "Akogare no Sundown" unfortunately, but that's all the more incentive for me to track down and purchase "Million Stars". It is apparently available at Tower Records in Japan. Checking my Xmas wish list.


  1. This song is so beautiful i need to understand its meaning.

    1. Hello there. The lyrics are pretty simple. They're just about a lady who's enjoying that drive with her boyfriend at dusk and hoping that it would never end.


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