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Monday, February 25, 2019

Aru Takamura/Makoto Saito -- Koi no Yaritori(恋のやりとり)

Commenter Chasing Showa gave me a great tip on an Aru Takamura(高村亜留)song from her 1985 debut album "Aru First", and since it's been some months since I mentioned about the late singer, I've decided to cover it. Showa first found out about it through the Future Funkified version done by Moe Shop (with Android52) as seen above.

The original version is known as "Koi no Yaritori" (The Give and Take of Love), and it's a pleasant mid-tempo about someone playfully chiding his girlfriend for being a bit overly shy on the emerging relationship. It's a song that hits the right spot, and I'm kinda wondering if this would be most ideal to be listened to in the morning due to its breeziness. The horns in there are splendid and they might be reminiscent of British soul...perhaps even a harbinger of Shibuya-kei.


"Koi no Yaritori" was written and composed by Makoto Saito(斎藤誠), and Takamura's track is actually a cover version of Saito's original song from his 1983 debut album "LA-LA-LU". I gotta say that listening to this version, I think that it eclipses even Takamura's cover due to Saito's vocals and the slightly more powerful arrangement. Now, I have to think about getting not only "Aru First" but also "LA-LA-LU". Thanks for the tip, Chasing Showa!


  1. Hello J-Canuck,

    Thanks for getting more information regarding this song. After all this is why I visit KKP, for answers to my J-Music questions.

    Again thanks for all you do!


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