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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Japan Top 10: Kayo Kyoku Plus Collaboration

Back in September last year, I wrote about the podcast "Japan Top 10" contacted me about what its program was all about, and I was happy to have found out about all of these episodes over the past several years that have been created for fans of kayo kyoku and J-Pop to savor. Well, in the last few months, I was contacted by producer Jack Shi and sales manager/on-air host Recca G of "Japan Top 10" to see if some sort of collaboration between us here at "Kayo Kyoku Plus" and them there at the podcast could be created.

Happily, with the cooperation of the writers here at KKP (myself, Noelle, Larry, Joana and Marcos V.) and everyone at "Japan Top 10", a February 2019 podcast has now been recorded which includes our contributions of some of our favourite Japanese pop songs. You can check it out from the link above where Episode 269 (under the title that you see at the very top) is waiting as podcaster Erin gives listeners a taste of what "Kayo Kyoku Plus" has been about for the past 7 years and our own personal takes on each of the songs.

Listening to the hour of music, I got that feeling of "Kayo Kyoku Plus" being released as an audio book and under a voice that sounds a whole lot more appealing than what I could ever squeak/croak out with my vocal cords. I would say that it is truly a unique episode in that you can hear everyone from Haruo Oka from the 1940s to Dance for philosophy this decade.

I would like to thank everyone at both KKP and "Japan Top 10" for their contributions to this fun project and hope that some more of the folks at the podcast would be interested in providing their own articles right here. Happy to say that Recca G. has written her own article on Momoe Yamaguchi(山口百恵). In any case, perhaps we can all give it another go in the near future.


  1. Hello Canuck,

    I really enjoyed the podcast! This should be a regular feature on Japan Top 10. As this blog (7 yr's worth!) shows, you guys have so much to share with their listeners about the treasure trove that is Kayo-Kyoku.

    Also, I would love to listen to you guys just really expand on the genre in general or some specific topics (artists, songs, etc.). Have you ever given any thought to doing your own podcast or youtube channel where you do just that?

    1. Hi, Kaz.

      Good that you enjoyed it as well. Hopefully, Erin and some of the others at "Japan Top 10" will read this comment, too. Perhaps a second collaboration can occur in the not-too-distant future.

      Strangely enough, before I decided to go with the blog format, I had been thinking about a podcast but thinking it was too hard, I went with the blog instead. No regrets, though, obviously. :)

      It would still be nice if I can still pull it off although YouTube may be a bit risky considering Van Paugam's recent issues. At this point, I'm just happy letting the folks at "Japan Top 10" handle that.


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