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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

CreepHyp -- Obake de Ii kara Hayaku Kite(おばけでいいからはやくきて)

I have to admit that it was the music video which first got my attention more than the actual song, "Obake de Ii kara Hayaku Kite" (Come Quick Even If You're A Ghost), itself. However, this short and sweet number by the rock band CreepHyp(クリープハイプ)has come to grow on me because it was on pretty heavy rotation on NHK's "Minna no Uta"(みんなのうた).

Apparently, it wasn't released as an official single but it was put onto the "Minna no Uta" lineup for February and March 2018. The song, created by vocalist and guitarist Sekaikan Ozaki(尾崎世界観), is a quick and playful song about a hybrid hamster and rucksack which initially feels as if it had been abandoned by its beloved owner in a toy store. I do like the rapid guitar work in the song; rather reminds me of hamster feet going at full speed.

But as I said, the video got my attention for its style of old-fashioned posters and manga brought to life which seems to be one of the hallmarks for the animation craft team AC-bu(AC部...Department AC). I used to see illustrations of that sort whenever I visited the mock-up of 1950s Tokyo at the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum. AC-bu has come up with the looks for a number of commercials and music videos including "Obake de Ii kara Hayaku Kite", and I think they even took care of the anarchic anime "Pop Team Epic" last year.

Going back to CreepHyp, though, the band first started out in 2001 as an indies rock group and underwent a number of personnel changes before getting their major label in late 2012. Currently, CreepHyp has four members: the aforementioned Ozaki, guitarist Yukichika Ogawa(小川幸慈), bassist Kaonashi Hasegawa(長谷川カオナシ)and drummer Taku Koizumi(小泉拓). Since 2012, they've released 11 singles and 5 original albums.


  1. Hi!
    i just found the band and this song, and it's now stuck in my head, really like the guitar and now that i saw the video yes, it pretty much feels like a little hamster running at full speed, also the chorus (la la la la la ��) it's so cheerull and simple you just can't stop singing, prefect for a sunny day~

    1. Hello there.

      Yes, that's the beauty of an earworm! It also helps if it gets the "Minna no Uta" treatment.


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