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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Yasuhiro Abe -- Where Is Love

Haven't gotten this one yet, but Yasuhiro Abe's(安部恭弘)"Frame of Mind" album from 1985 does possess the most distinctive cover out of all his releases thus far. It's a very cool pose of him in a good suit on a chair up in the clouds.

Speaking of cool, I also do like his 7th track "Where is Love" which I believe Abe both wrote and composed along with Nobuyuki Shimizu(清水信之)handling the arrangement. It's short but it's very sweet and there's no waste of those three minutes and thirty-seven seconds. That lovely beat just keeps chugging along while Abe and then the sax come in to entertain us. Nice keyboards, as well. It should be the background music for any evening car ride in the big city.

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