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Friday, February 8, 2019

Yuzo Kayama -- Kawaii Kimi(かわいい君)

I have to say that this photo rather caught me off-guard. On the right is Yuzo Kayama(加山雄三)...yep, the Wakadaisho of the 1960s himself...playing Black Jack. Indeed, it's the famous manga character by Osamu Tezuka(手塚治虫). Found this on the inside cover of an ancient issue of "Eye-Ai" yesterday and I just had to take a shot of it. Not sure how this 1981 TV series worked out.

Anyways, let's go ahead back to the more dapper and younger Kayama of the 1960s. I found this rather appropriate number to finish off a Friday night, "Kawaii Kimi" (Cute Little You) from his 1968 album "Kimi no Tame ni"(君のために...For You). It's a relaxing bossa nova number with the Wakadaisho taking on a somewhat higher timbre in his voice. I couldn't find out who had composed and written the song, but I would say that it's a departure from his jaunty kayo and his Group Sounds-y ventures with The Launchers. Enjoy the weekend!

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