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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Uwanosora -- Umbrella Walking

Back last June, I wrote about this pop band that had one foot in contemporary smooth pop with the other in the 1960s pop sounds of Phil Spector and The Beach Boys. Uwanosora's(ウワノソラ)"Natsu no Kyakusen"(夏の客船)was quite a nice refreshing breeze in terms of J-Pop of the 2010s.

"Umbrella Walking" is another one of those pleasant and skippy tunes whose video of a happy road trip by the band was originally released back in 2013 but apparently, according to their website, didn't get onto a release until Uwanosora's 2nd album "Hidamari"(陽だまり)in 2017 (correct me, if I'm wrong, of course).

When I was writing about "Natsu no Kyakusen", it was at a time when I was learning about some of these new sunny pop groups such as Lamp and Blue Peppers, and one other blog even mentioned Ryusenkei(流線形)and Apple Pye(あっぷるぱい)when referring to Uwanosora. There is definitely that new and shiny feeling with Uwanosora via "Umbrella Walking" as well, but I also pick up Sugar Babe (in the chorus especially) and some of the mellower urban contemporary stuff from the early 2000s in Japan. Maybe even a bit of Original Love.

Listening to "Umbrella Walking", I can only hope that winter will soon be over in the next few weeks.


  1. OMG, finally I found a like-minded person on the Internet. I also own a collection of Japanese music and have been feeling struggle and lonesome finding the information regarding the artists featured within. Thank you for you sharing! Totally bookmarked your blog!

    1. Hello, Quan.

      Glad that you could find "Kayo Kyoku Plus". I was also surprised and delighted that there were a lot of fans of the older material. Do you have any particular favourite singers or songs?


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