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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Fujimal Yoshino -- One Shot Lady

Putting up another cool track from Fujimal Yoshino's(芳野藤丸)1982 album "YOSHINO FUJIMAL", the City Pop gift that keeps on giving.

Tonight's contribution is "One Shot Lady" which was created by Yoshino with arrangement by bassist Naoki Watanabe(渡辺直樹). It's a goodly slice of 80s highway funk that keeps on a cheery facade throughout although some part of it reminds me of "I Shot The Sheriff". I'm listening to this right now during the late hours of the evening but the track is from the "in the DAY time" side (i.e. Side A on the original LP); still it's all good. I can also pick up some Steely Dan in there, and Yoshino, Watanabe and Makoto Matsushita (松下誠...who also gives good guitar) are providing the chorus work. In other words, it's a fine representative of the genre.

Yoshino's voice is so kakkoii that I swear that it must also have been sporting shades!

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