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Friday, February 8, 2019

Dark Ducks -- Anna Ko ga Ii na(あんな娘がいいな)

Time to go back into the kayo time vaults, and inspired by the old NHK music show "Anata no Melody"(あなたのメロディー)that I had written about a couple of days ago, I've come up with another old chestnut.

Dark Ducks(ダークダックス)is another one of those Japanese vocal groups from the old days whose work reminds me a lot of the similar quartets or quintets from the United States at the time such as The Ames Brothers and The Mills Brothers. Certainly, their "Anna Ko ga Ii na" (That's My Kind Of Girl) takes on a hail-fellow-well-met feeling of a kayo march about swooning over that neighbourhood daughter.

As I said, this was a song that was created by an amateur songwriter back in 1969 by the name of Kataji Mizumoto水本方治...I hope that's the right reading for the first name)for "Anata no Melody", and apparently it became so successful after its release in November of that year that Dark Ducks got to perform "Anna Ko ga Ii na" a little over a month later at the Kohaku Utagassen. That must have been quite the (duck) feather in Mizumoto's cap when the announcement was made. However, I'm not sure whether Mizumoto created any other kayo for anyone else.

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