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Saturday, August 15, 2020

HIIH -- Yuganda Tokei(ゆがんだ時計)

A couple of months ago, I finally got around to talking about that spooky theme for the original "Ring" movie that unleashed Sadako onto the pop culture zeitgeist. HIIH's "feels like HEAVEN" could send chills up your spine or send you down to the dance floor depending on the version and your mood.

To be honest, I think I'm actually enjoying the coupling song to the January 1998 single by HIIH even more than "feels like HEAVEN". "Yuganda Tokei" (Warped Clock) is all very moody and such, but I do appreciate having the beat machine in there. Perhaps as one YouTube commenter stated, this would have made for a nice ending theme for one of the other J-Horror movies such as "Rasen".

The JASRAC database was able to clarify things a bit on the songwriting credits. Writing and composing can be laid at the feet of one Tomo Hirata(平田知昌)or DJ Tomo.

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