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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Kenichi Fujimoto -- Memories(メモリーズ)

Over a year ago, I introduced a fellow by the name of Kenichi Fujimoto(藤本健一)with his "Asa no Wakare"(朝の別れ), a very Doobie Brothers-esque pop song with a nice bounce to it. I'm not sure if this had ever been a single release, but it does launch his one and only "Aperitif" album from 1986.

When I was looking for some further information on the singer-songwriter, I also found out that Fujimoto had come out with a ballad single composed by him that would be used by children's apparel shop, Miki House (a place that an old friend used to work at), for its campaign song. Also the second track on "Aperitif", "Memories" struck me initially as being surprisingly mature considering that it was a Miki House jingle.

Then, I saw the ad which used "Memories" and it shows a bunch of kids in their Miki House clothing on some sort of desert island adventure. Frankly, I'm not sure if I should be feeling poignant or slightly discomfited at the sight of elementary school-aged children potentially being stranded on the island. But perhaps with the help of Akira Ohtsu's(大津あきら)lyrics and Fujimoto's crooning reassurances, the song and the commercial were meant to bring back those memories of a past dalliance with the sea (still...😟).

Commenter Dio notified me in the comments for "Asa no Wakare" that some kind soul has put up a video of the entire album on YouTube. Hopefully, it'll stay up for a good long time. If I have a chance, I wouldn't mind getting my own copy of the album...if it's still available.

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