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Monday, August 31, 2020

Triple Booking -- Yamato Nadeshiko Education(大和撫子エデュケイション)

Back to Monday! I've realized that now that my anime routine with my anime buddy has been stopped for several months, I really haven't done a lot with my anison here. I'm only watching one show this season and the theme songs there haven't exactly lit a fire under me, so I was left wondering what to do for a typical anime theme tune. Then I re-realized that I had yet to do any of the themes from the devilishly dirty show "Seitokai Yakuindomo"(生徒会役員共...Student Council Staff Members) that had its premier season in 2010. Good entire decade ago!

Mind you, I've written about some of the soundtrack which sounds like composer, Yuuya Mori(森悠也), really was punching above the show's weight. His theme for the quietly pervy Uomi, "Party Shimashou"(パーティーしましょ) is a slice of bossa nova heaven, for instance.

I should warn you first that the above opening credits are from the Blu-Ray version which means that a certain hobby of one of the minor characters has been uncensored. Now the opening theme for that first season was "Yamato Nadeshiko Education" (Education for the Traditional Japanese Woman) by Triple Booking(トリプルブッキング), a fictional aidoru trio that actually originated from the 2001 manga "Aidoru no Akahon"(アイドルのあかほん...Idol Pulp Fiction) created by Tozen Ujiie(氏家ト全), the same fellow behind the original manga for "Seitokai Yakuindomo". Triple Booking consists of Shiho Iida(飯田シホ), Yuuri Arina(有銘ユーリ)and Karuna Kisaragi(如月カルナ)and the seiyuu behind those three: Yoko Hikasa(日笠陽子), Sayuri Yahagi(矢作紗友里)and Satomi Sato(佐藤聡美)respectively who also happen to be the same voice actresses behind the three main female characters in "Seitokai Yakuindomo".

Written by Saori Kodama(こだまさおり)and composed by Akihiko Yamaguchi(山口朗彦), in contrast with Yuuya Mori's soundtrack, "Yamato Nadeshiko Education" is one very seemingly child-friendly Xmas candy-like piece of bouncy happiness. This would be a breezy cheer song that could fit any magical girl anime but of course, those opening credits quickly dispel any notion of innocence and also remind me of some Benny Hill sequences, although I don't think even Benny included any sexual aids in his skits. In any case, the song peaked at No. 28 on Oricon when it was released in July 2010.

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