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Friday, August 14, 2020

Taeko Rei -- P.S. Darling (P S ダーリン)

Couldn't have asked for something nicer to start off City Pop Friday. So far, the Taeko Rei(令多映子)file on KKP has consisted of tracks from her 1984 album "Taeko", and I've been able to find this gem from there as well.

"P.S. Darling" is somewhat like biting into a special Smartie and realizing that the originating company Nestlé put in some extra-special tasty chocolate within the candy coating. It begins with some bittersweet jazz piano as if it were meant to illustrate a person's feelings after having his/her romantic heart torn out but then after a minute, the person has moved onto bigger and better things. And those bigger and better things include plenty of boppy bass, really sharp horns and that lush piano in a much happier place within a lovely mélange of City Pop, AOR and Latin to surround Rei's warm and chocolatey vocals. Some really nice West Coast feeling in there, too.

Arisu Sato and Akiko Kosaka(佐藤ありす・小坂明子)were on words and music respectively for this feel-good song by Rei. I've already made the decision to try and get "Taeko" in my bid to get back into the album-purchasing saddle again.

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