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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Kumiko Kondo (Kumiko Aimoto) -- Chiisana Teikou(小さな抵抗)

The first couple of articles that I've written on aidoru Kumiko Aimoto(相本久美子)regarded tracks from her 1981 second album "Yume Nanoni I Love You"(夢☆なのにI LOVE YOU): the synthpop "Mayonaka no Heroine"(真夜中のヒロイン)and the City Pop "Itsutsu no Douka"(5つの銅貨). And in "Mayonaka no Heroine", I mentioned that Aimoto started her aidoru life in 1974 under the name Kumiko Kondo(近藤久美子).

Well, here is that debut single by Kondo, "Chiisana Teikou" (A Little Resistance) released in September 1974. Written by Kazuya Senke(千家和也)and composed by Koichi Morita(森田公一), I'd say that it is the conventionally cute aidoru tune of the 1970s with the sunny strings and a bass harmonica that mysteriously reminds me of some of the soundtrack from that old American sitcom "Green Acres". Despite the adorable delivery of the lass, the lyrics make the heroine of the number into a slightly impish and naughty girl who has quite the reputation in the school.

Unfortunately, from what I've read in the J-Wiki article for the aidoru, Kondo/Aimoto never landed that Top 10 single. In fact, the highest that she scored on the Oricon charts was a No. 59 for her 4th release, "Shoka Keshiki"(初夏景色...Early Summer Scene). Still, her acting career has been plenty long with roles being performed right into the 2010s. In addition, Aimoto got her time in the sun during her long co-hosting stint on the NTV Sunday afternoon variety show "TV Jockey"(TVジョッキー).

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