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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

orange pekoe -- Song Bird(ソングバード)

It's always a good thing when I hear a song for the first time and a riff in it sticks in your head for all of dinner and dessert later on in the evening.

The song this time around is orange pekoe's 7th single "Song Bird" from May 2004, and the earworm phrase is vocalist Tomoko Nakajima's(ナガシマトモコ)little scat in the refrain. Everything surrounding that phrase is also quite golden, too. Nakajima provided the vocals while her partner Kazuma Fujimoto(藤本一馬)came up with the peppy melody filled with Nakajima, wire-brush drumming and jazzy guitar-strumming. It's the type of song that's good when some nasty weather comes along, and that is indeed what happened an hour or so ago when even my city of Toronto had a tornado watch for a while. Brings some needed sunshine through the clouds.

"Song Bird" only got as high as No. 72 which I think is a bit of a shame for a casual jazz bird like myself, but the album which also contains the song, "Poetic Ore ~ Invisible Beautiful Realism"(ポエティック・オー)did hit No. 10 after its release in July of that year. Wouldn't mind some of that jazz/pop sound coming to the fore in mainstream Japanese pop music. For some of that Big Band feeling, try out orange pekoe's "Gokurakucho ~ Bird of Paradise"(極楽鳥).

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