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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Ai Furihata -- CITY

Well, my age-old question has finally been answered. What if an aidoru-esque Midori Karashima(辛島美登里)and Michael Sembello from the 1980s collaborated?

Yes, rather tongue-in-cheek for a Tuesday but that's the favourable impression that I got when I first saw "CITY", a track from the mini-album "Moonrise" which isn't even due to be released until late September 2020. The singer behind it is Ai Furihata(降幡愛)who is also a seiyuu hailing from Nagano Prefecture.

Furihata wrote the lyrics with Akimitsu Honma(本間昭光)providing the music. That melody sounds so much like early 1980s Billboard-friendly pop that I felt like Honma must have been inspired by Sembello's "Maniac" from the immensely popular "Flashdance" soundtrack or maybe even Oliva Newton-John's "Twist of Fate" hit single. As for lyricist-singer Furihata, a good chunk of her voice reminds me a lot of singer-songwriter Karashima because of that nasality. Then, there's that music video which pretty much yells out "I LOVE VAPORWAVE!".

Along with her work on anime, I also found out that Furihata is also a member of the anime aidoru group Aqours found in "Love Live! Sunshine!!". Shuka Saito斉藤朱夏), who I wrote about recently, is also a member.

Here's "Twist of Fate"!

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