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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Yuka Iguchi -- Platinum Disco(白金ディスコ)

Yuka Iguchi(井口裕香)has been a seiyuu name that I've often seen through various anime that my buddy has shown me over the past decade, but for the life of me, I am admittedly hard-pressed to name any of the characters that she has played. In fact, the only one that I know off the top of my head is Mako Reizei(冷泉麻子), the extremely competent yet very unmotivated tank driver in the "Girls und Panzer" franchise.

Of course, that makes the above scene all the more noteworthy (and adorable) in what might be one of the most out-of-character moments in anime.

However, I can perhaps add one more memory of Iguchi into the old brain but not especially through her character of Tsukihi Araragi(阿良々木 月火)in "Nisemonogatari"(偽物語...Fake Stories) which came out in 2012. This is a show that I never saw but I've heard about the surprisingly intriguing toothbrushing scene. In any case, my new Iguchi memory has formed due to her providing the third opening theme for the show "Platinum Disco".

First off, my compliments to the director for the opening credits, Yukio Takatsu(高津幸央). But Iguchi has also given me a fine aural memory due to her catchy and adorable song which seems to inject some of that titular disco into a piece of soundtrack from a chambara series. Let's just imagine John Travolta back in the late 1970s prancing around medieval Japan in a chonmage and that would be my "Platinum Disco". The song was written by Satoru Kousaki(神前暁)and composed by meg rock, the same duo behind "Ren'ai Circulation"(恋愛サーキュレーション)which was an opening theme for "Bakemonogatari"(化物語), a sister series to "Nisemonogatari". And like that one, I first heard "Platinum Disco" when it used to be played on a lot of those zany Anime Brain videos.

Nice way to finish off tonight with an earworm once again burrowing through my head.

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