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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Hisayo Inamori (hie) -- Heavenly Sweet

This is my heavenly sweet since I was born: apple pie. It was first the typical smooth pastry crust but in the last couple of decades, I've fallen hard for the crumble-top version.

It's been months since I put this song onto the backlog but I figure that it got there since music master Tomita Lab(冨田ラボ)was behind the melody for "Heavenly Sweet", the 2nd single for fashion model, seiyuu and singer Hisayo Inamori(稲森寿世). This was released in August 2008 with Inamori and LINDEN providing the lyrics. According to her J-Wiki profile, she has gone under the name hie for any of her music activities while going with her full name when going with her other endeavors.

At first, "Heavenly Sweet" struck me in the beginning as a potential synthpop tune but then the warm Tomita touch flowed in like a tide. There is that feeling of bossa and those familiar key shifts which always give me that nearly ASMR reaction down my spine. Yup, that's my Tomita Lab, I thought! The single barely made it onto the Top 100 of Oricon by coming in at exactly No. 100 and was used as the theme and image songs for a couple of TV shows.

In addition, from her J-Wiki profile, she greatly admires singer Ringo Shiina(椎名林檎)and actress/singer Mari Natsuki(夏木マリ)along with Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. Her hobbies include Internet surfing and DJ'ing.

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