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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Shin Rizumu -- Mikakunin no Superstar(未確認のスーパースター)

Commenter Michael was kind enough to reciprocate when I put up my latest "Happy Songs For Me" list last Thursday. He put up his own list in the Comments section and I enjoyed all of his contributions including this one here.

Singer-songwriter Shin Rizumu(シンリズム)is a fellow that I did talk about back in 2018 with his 2nd single "Music Life" from November 2015, and I enjoyed that one for its jazziness. However, with his December 2019 digital download single "Mikakunin no Superstar" (Unidentified Superstar), it's all about the light synthpop.

Written and composed by the man himself, "Mikakunin no Superstar" has quite the appealingly spacey and chrome-gleaming futuristic sound, and from looking at the lyrics, it seems to be about a shy fellow who becomes quite the big man on campus online (albeit incognito). But I think that he's also chomping at the bit to finally reveal himself to a particular young lady who he's taken a shine to. And thus the inner conflict begins to boil. Sounds like it might be the just the idea for some sort of TV drama in Japan or a movie.


  1. Hi J,

    Shin has a knack for combining catchy songwriting with clever arrangements. His harmonic selections are usually sublime and his melodies have a way of clinging to memory. I hope he has a lasting career in music as he's somewhat underrated.

    1. I hope he does, too. It's only been through doing the blog that I've heard about him, and he seems to be able to tackle a number of genres. Japanese pop can do with some more of these fellows.


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