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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Candies -- Ginga Kuko(銀河空港)

Considering how many kayo there have been about tearful romantic departures at the airport, it's a wonder that I haven't seen anything of the sort in real life at Haneda or Narita Airports. Then again, I probably would have quietly and quickly headed for the nearest kiosk for a drink if I'd seen anything like that near the gates.

I did find another one of those sad airport songs, this time by 70s aidoru trio Candies(キャンディーズ). Titled "Ginga Kuko" (Galaxy Airport), the tune treats the simple act of aerial departure as an epic launch of a gigantic silver-gray bird into the heavens with the love of one's life going away, most likely forever. Not having put up a Candies number onto the blog for almost a couple of years, it was refreshing to hear Ran, Su and Miki once more via Koji Makaino's(馬飼野康二)energetic music and arrangement of guitar, bass and strings, along with Machiko Ryu's(竜真知子)lyrics.

Originally meant to be placed on Candies' 6th album "Haru Ichiban"(春一番)from April 1976, it was instead shelved for whatever reason, and "Ginga Kuko" ended up being heard mostly from the stage as the ladies sang it. However, it was finally included into the trio's huge box set of LPs, "CANDIES 1676 DAYS〜キャンディーズ1676日〜" which was released in December 1977. Specifically, it is on Side A of Disk 5.


  1. Hello Canuck,

    I was reading our local newspaper Shimotsuke Shinbun the other morning and there was a small article about Ran Itoh of The Candies coming out with an album, making her debut as a solo singer after the group disbanded over 40 years ago. The group of writers she's put together for this looks pretty impressive. Ryudo Uzaki, Yosui Inoue, Asami Kado(!) to name a few.

  2. Hi, Kaz.

    Good to hear that Ran is going to be putting out some new material. Would be interested in how she's gonna sound with some of those big names backing her up, especially Kado. Now, if this can inspire Momoe...:).

    Unfortunately, the URL that you sent me won't allow the video to be played in Canada, but I'm looking forward to hearing some of her music when it will probably get put up on YouTube. Thanks for the tip!


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