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Friday, March 8, 2019

Noriyuki Makihara -- Fall

Let's imagine a bit here...singer-songwriter Noriyuki Makihara(槇原敬之)falling asleep to his BEST of Earth Wind & Fire CD on repeated loop on a fresh Duracell battery. Then he wakes up as a massive light bulb spreads its light over his head.

The result may be his 45th single "Fall" from November 2014. It's a cool enough song that I listened to it twice within 10 minutes. Written and composed by Mackey himself, I got some good hints of EW&F's classic "Boogie Wonderland" while the lyrics talk about a woman who's never fallen in love getting bit hard by Cupid's arrow. Gotta say that I also like the music video as the lady is "falling" across West Shinjuku among other sites.

"Fall" was also the theme song for a NTV drama called "Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu"(きょうは会社休みます...Taking The Day Off Today). Never saw the show but I hope that it contained dollops of intrigue matching the suspense of the song. It rose up to No. 33 on Oricon and was also placed on Makihara's 20th album "Lovable People" from February 2015 which got up to No. 4.

Hey, it's Friday. Time to boogie!

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