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Monday, March 18, 2019

Yuya Uchida -- Roll Over Beethoven(ロール・オーバー・ベートーベン)

On the same NHK news telecast that reported on the passing of Olympic Ojisan, I also discovered that actor/singer Yuya Uchida(内田裕也)had died yesterday at the age of 79. There is something very poignant on hearing the news because this happened just about 6 months after the death of his wife, actress Kirin Kiki(樹木希林)who is also represented on "Kayo Kyoku Plus".

I was never a fan of any of his music or movies but there is something to respect about Uchida who stayed a take-no-crap hard rock n' roller right to the very end. As I may have mentioned before, even with his cane, he would have still elicited some nervous gulps from me if we had ever met in a dark alley.

The NHK report above stated this, too, but apparently Uchida was inspired to become a singer, thanks to the works of Elvis Presley. He started his music career in 1963 but I found this cover by him of Chuck Berry's "Roll Over Beethoven" which was released in 1964 as a flip side to his version of "Viva Las Vegas" (by the King, of course). I don't know who provided the Japanese lyrics but Uchida certainly had a lot of spunk and swagger just through his vocals alone.

I also don't know what Uchida was like whenever he came onto the music shows but my feeling is that he simultaneously thrilled and terrified audiences, fellow singers and directors alike. But isn't that what a rocker should be?


P.S. Have a listen to his more Group Sounds effort.

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