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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Chiemi Manabe -- Koi no Seaside Party(恋のSeaside Party)

I've been meaning to write about another song by techno-aidoru Chiemi Manabe(真鍋ちえみ, and so I found this happy-happy-joy-joy track from her lone album "Fushigi Shoujo"(不思議・少女)from 1982. The write-up for that album has already been done so feel free to peruse that as well.

One reason, I guess, that I didn't include Track 2 "Koi no Seaside Party" (Seaside Party of Love) in the article for the whole album is that I was kinda intending to provide its own article. For one thing, my opinion is that out of all of the 10 original tracks from "Fushigi Shoujo", this particular hoppy little number is perhaps the most conventionally aidoru song. I mean, as soon as I heard the intro, my head started bopping side-to-side.

With lyrics by EPO and melody by Nobuyuki Shimizu(清水信之), "Koi no Seaside Party" is a number that people of all ages can appreciate from little kids, thanks to that sing-song music by Shimizu, to adult kayo fans like me. That cute technopop is in there though, in keeping with the overall sound of the album. Plus, the skippy nature of the song is such that it also brings back some 60s pop feeling, maybe even as a precursor to Shibuya-kei, although I admit that might be pushing the envelope too much. In any case, it's a cute little earworm to help digest Sunday dinner.

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