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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hiroshi Sato -- Always

And now we end our broadcasting day. Yup, I'm writing this fairly close to the midnight hour but still wanted to put one more article in before hitting the hay.

Fell in love with this track from Hiroshi Sato's(佐藤博)"Sailing Blaster" from June 1984. This is the album that immediately followed his classic "Awakening" (1982), and this particular song is giving a not-so-soft knock in the ribs that I really ought to add another Sato album to my shelves. In any case, "Always" is a fine sunny-day AOR tune which Sato sings in English thanks to Lorraine Feather's lyrics while the singer-songwriter takes care of the cheerful sound.

And as Sato hits the high notes, he keeps reminding me at times that he sounds remarkably similar to Howard Jones. I'm feeling very tempted to go on a Sato rush of albums...that is, after I find out what my tax payment will be for this year. It wouldn't be too bad if I started with "Sailing Blaster".

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