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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Aki Maeda -- Jingle Bells

I've seen a small fraction of what is called the Nasuverse, specifically within the "Fate" series such as "Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA", and frankly speaking, I think the aforementioned "PRISMA☆ILLYA" and "Carnival Phantasm" would be more my speed since I enjoy zany comedy. My anime buddy takes a somewhat more opposing stance.

Around last year, an Xmas-themed meme popped up on "Know Your Meme" in which a PlayStation game called "Fate/Extra" featured an SD form of Saber, played by veteran seiyuu Sakura Tange(丹下桜), giving her own version of "Jingle Bells" while rolling across the screen. The meme was born when Saber blurted out "PADORU PADORU!" You got me how a paddle has anything to do with the Yuletide.

Well, in the YouTube list of videos on the right as the "PADORU PADORU!" video was playing, I saw one labeled "Saber Santa sings Jingle Bells!". At first, I had thought that this was going to be a full version of the "PADORU PADORU!" take (a glutton for punishment, I am), but as it turns out, it's a pleasant Japanese-language cover of the Xmas classic with some updated arrangement reminiscent of early 70s R&B...kinda like the music I remember by The Jackson 5.

Once again, Mr. Assumption reared its ugly head as I and a number of commenters for the video had thought that it was Tange singing "Jingle Bells" in her regular voice. Ach...the answer is nay! Apparently, the singer here is Aki Maeda(前田亜季)and her version of the song was available on her mini-album "Winter Tales" from 1999 (alas, the album has gone haiban). Strangely enough, although she has voiced a couple of roles in anime, she's primarily an actress on TV and movies and a singer, and doesn't seem to have any connection at all with the "Fate" franchise. I knew more of her older sister, Ai Maeda(前田愛), actually, since she was popping up on every other commercial at one point. Just to be sure, this is not the seiyuu with the same name but another actress.

Now, you can jingle...and strut...all the way!

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