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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Akina Nakamori 中森明菜 - Wasurete 忘れて

A while ago, J-Canuck wrote that Akina is the non-singer song-writer who got the most blog posts on Kayo Kyoku Plus.  I replied that Akina has indeed written some songs and even penned some lyrics for her songs.  Wasurete is the first song she ever wrote and the first piece of lyrics she ever penned.

Wasurete was recorded as a B-side song in the single Futari Shizuka (Tenka Densetsu Satsujin Jiken yori) (二人静「天河伝説殺人事件」より).  The album reached no.3 on the weekly Oricon chart and was the last Akina single to reach top 5.

In summer 1989, Akina attempted suicide as a result of her deteriorating relationship with her lover Matchy (Masahiko Kondo 近藤真彦).  She stopped work for 1 year, and came back in 1990 summer.  When she was doing TV interviews, or appearing on music shows, she always put on a smile and pretended that nothing ever happened.

The song is kind of a diary/letter to herself, as well as a letter to her fans, that she wanted to forget about Matchy.

Last summer, I was so anxious to get out and buy a new swimming suit
It was a bit pretentious during that summer, burst opening my smiles in front of everyone
Memories are piling in my heart, just as everyone of you is piling layers of tan under the summer sun
As I look into the mirror, my memories with him is finally off my shoulders
I want to get rid of it
I want to get rid of it
To make room for the new swimming suit I'm buying
I want to forget
I want to forget
For I try to change the design I love...

The lyrics has a second version though.  She sang it once in her 1991 concert during encore as her last song.  As far as I know, the second version was never recorded in any single or album.  In fact, the 1991 concert was the only time that Akina sang Wasurete live.

The second version is a letter to her fans thanking their support during her most miserable days.

Even though we're about to say goodbye
I just have one more for you
Various things happened
Please forgive me if I have made all of you worry
Before I set foot on this stage today
Anxiety was occupying my dreams
But now, I am bathing in your warmth as well as your smiles
I will never forget
I will never forget
My thought towards you will never change
Please look close at me
Please look close at me
I will continue to live as myself as I've always lived

If you want to buy the second version, I think the only way is to get the sound track of her 1991 concert, Dream 91 Akina Nakamori Special Live.

Oh, and one more thing that I found on the web surrounding this song.  The 1991 concert started 7/27/1991 for 2 days.  People on the Internet are saying that Matchy announced her marriage one day before the concert opened.  Rumor was that Akina was heartbroken and became sick.  That's why her voice was not at her best in the 1991 concert.


  1. Hello, Larry.

    All the best of the season for you. Thanks for your article on Akina's "Wasurete". I think that this was a very affecting song considering her circumstances during those years. Still not sure if she's ever fully recovered from that.


    1. J-Canuck,
      Merry X'mas. This is one of those songs that I don't think Akina wants to sing. Looking forward to seeing you and the crowd Wednesday.


  2. Thanks for this info, Wasurete second version is one of my fav songs of akina


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