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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Kimiko Kasai -- Very Special Moment

"Very Special Moment" is a Kimiko Kasai(笠井紀美子)song that I found in one YouTuber's Xmas City Pop collection.

I'm not quite sure whether I would agree that "Very Special Moment" was especially made for Christmas, but for those folks who are getting tired of all of the traditional Yuletide tunes from Japan and abroad, I wouldn't mind listening to this funky and jazzy tune while cooking away in the kitchen on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. And the title has got the right thing in mind for the Holidays in any case.

The song has got a lot of that downtown coolness factor thanks to the funky saxes by Takeshi Muraoka(村岡健)and Masafumi Yamaguchi(山口真文)...I hope that I've gotten the names right for both of them...along with the rest of the horns. And then, there is a great trumpet solo by Terumasa Hino(日野晧正). "Very Special Moment" is a track on Kasai's 1977 album "Tokyo Special" which also includes "Vibration". It also has some pretty big names behind its creation with Kazumi Yasui(安井かずみ)on lyrics and Yutaka Yokokura(横倉裕)on music.

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