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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Takako Minekawa -- Christmas Wish

After a fairly intense spate of Indian Summer on Sunday, things have become suitably more wintry in the last couple of days. May come with some snow later on tonight, to boot. According to my social calendar, things are starting to shape up for the usual Xmas/year-end get-togethers.

So, appropriately then, let's have a J-Xmas song to start off Tuesday. I found this nice and light Shibuya-kei Yuletide tune from 1995 by whisper-voiced Takako Minekawa(嶺川貴子)called "Christmas Wish". After hearing it a few times now, it has that aural feeling of a sugar-sprinkled baked meringue, and for some reason, I can't quite shake the image of puppies frolicking under the Xmas tree (and I hope that is all they do to the tree).

"Christmas Wish" can be found on Minekawa's 2nd album to be released in Japan, "(A Little Touch Of) Baroque In Winter" which came out in December 1995. It can be considered to be either a mini-album or a maxi-single depending on how you consider four songs together.

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