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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Yoko Nishigori -- Futari(二人)

She may be known as jazz chanteuse Kei Hoshino(星乃けい)now but around 40 years ago, she was known as pop singer Yoko Nishigori(西郡よう子), and I discovered her through a Ruiko Kurahashi(倉橋ルイ子)song which was actually a cover of Nishgori's 1978 single "Kono Ai ni Ikite"(この愛に生きて).

Well, I have yet to purchase any of her material, but I came across this track from her lone 1980 album, "My Name is YOKO" under her original name. Titled "Futari" (Two People), Nishigori goes with the City Pop flow here in a dreamy and creamy sense. With some nice quietly percolating percussion, some mellow bass and thrumming keyboards, "Futari" could make for the pleasant background for an upscale dinner date although the video featuring scenes from the 1980 South Korean movie "A Fine, Windy Day" makes things rather intense. Kazuko Kobayashi and Kingo Hamada(小林和子・浜田金吾)created the song, and I had to track that down to a close-up picture of Side 1 of the LP itself.

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