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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Kotono Mitsuishi -- Nigedasu kedo Dakishimete(逃げだすけど抱きしめて)


Had a slight medical issue last week...or probably it's more realistic to say that I went through a medical question. Last Monday, I had the runniest of runny noses followed by a few days of coughing. Well, considering the circumstances that we all currently live in, despite the fact that I am double-vaccinated, I went to get a COVID test anyways at the local hospital yesterday. Happily enough, this morning I found out that the results were negative and things are hunky-dory.

As for that famous nose swab test, it was the first time for me to undergo that, and to be honest, I've had wasabi nasal explosions that were far more painful.

On that reassuring note, you've heard this lady cry out those immortal words in anime decades ago.

And more recently, you've heard her gloriously growl out a cheer in the only way that her character, the legendary Tae Yamada, could do. Freddie Mercury was probably smiling in approval wherever he is now.

Now, without making this sound like an ancient K-Tel LP commercial, I bring you legendary seiyuu Kotono Mitsuishi(三石琴乃)singing some of that old-timey New Jack Swing (!) through her March 1993 debut album "Mo' Merry". Case in point is the track "Nigedasu kedo Dakishimete" (Gonna Run But Hug Me).

Ah, well...I'm not sure if she was going for overly innocently aidoru kittenish or an older version of Usagi Tsukino, but her delivery is fairly wobbly. Not that I was ever planning to go even partial Gordon Ramsay on her, but on reading one excerpt in her J-Wiki biography which stated that her first time in the recording booth was a traumatic experience (although things apparently improved markedly later on), I'm willing to chalk this one up to one of those things. Still, the music by Takeo Suzuki(鈴木武生)is nice especially with the saxophone with Aki Mana(真名杏樹)providing the lyrics.

And hey, she is Sailor Moon and Tae Yamada after all. Legendary!

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