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Monday, August 9, 2021

Natsu Summer -- Toki no Silhouette(時のシルエット)


Had a talk with Scott from "Holly Jolly X'masu" and he has just put up his latest episode on Ryoko Moriyama's(森山良子)Christmas album so feel free to take a gander at that if you want to get into that cooling mood away from the heat and humidity (and yep, it's plenty hot and humid here in Toronto...there was a huge sweat stain on the back of my shirt after returning from some errands).

Also, he brought up the topic of singer Natsu Summer(ナツ・サマー )and it was a name that I had heard before, and sure enough, a few years ago, contributor T-cat had written about her for the first time through one of her albums, the 2017 "Hello, future day". So I decided to see what else I could find about her.

She has described herself as a City Pop Reggae artist but T-cat also mentions that with "Hello, future day", Natsu Summer's sound hasn't really confined itself to any one category. And I am in agreement with him when it comes to her July 2019 single "Toki no Silhouette" (Time Silhouette).

There really is a mix of stuff with this song. For the first few seconds, it's a mystery about how Natsu will go with the song but then the melody joins her vocals, and I immediately get hit with that push beat of reggae via piano, some neo-City Pop via the Vaporwave/Future Funk filter, a bit of synthpop, and even what sounds like a tribute to Bobby Caldwell's classic "What You Won't Do for Love". It's quite the melodic gumbo but above all that is Summer's fairly ethereal voice and a veil of synth strings.

Natsu Summer's website doesn't seem to be all that active anymore, but her accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook look to be up to date. Glad that I got the reminder from Scott!

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