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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Ai Furihata -- AXIOM


Looks like with the Ai Furihata(降幡愛)songs that I have made my acquaintance with so far, I've gotten some good nostalgic dollops of the 1980s. For example, there is the pumping "CITY" with its Vaporwave aesthetics and then the interesting Steely Dan/kayo hybrid of "Purple Eye Shadow"(パープルアイシャドウ). Both are indeed cool and gleaming.

The 80s...and the 60s are still with us and Furihata in song and video respectively through her limited-release single "AXIOM" which came out this year in April. With Akimitsu Honma(本間昭光)behind the music and Furihata taking care of the lyrics, this time "AXIOM" decides to go with some Buggles-like spacey synthpop. "AXIOM" is also rather gleaming but instead of cool, there's more of that playful perkiness involved and I think there's even a feeling of an anthemic feeling as if Axiom was an actual superhero. 

The music video definitely plays up the perkiness factor since it looks like Furihata is dreaming up a sequence that must have occurred after she had overindulged at the buffet line at Red Lobster. I'd say that the future for the singer must be what folks in the mid-20th century had assumed was the future as Furihata takes on the guise of a dolled-up 1960s housewife complete with bouffant hairdo before switching to a space girl straight from a B-grade sci-fi movie from the same decade.

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