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Monday, June 21, 2021

Hako Yamasaki -- Bōkyō(望郷)


The first full day of summer 2021 has arrived and I'm feeling it. Following lunch and working in my fan-assisted room, I'm still sensing that drowsiness threatening to envelop me until dinner. Can't let that happen.!

So far, my impression of folk singer-songwriter Hako Yamasaki(山崎ハコ)has included adjectives such as melancholy and tenderhearted. From her debut album in October 1975, "Tobimasu"(飛・び・ま・す...Fly), the first track is "Bōkyō" (Nostalgia), which has Yamasaki singing about a woman residing in Yokohama reminiscing about her old days in her hometown and wondering about returning even though her original home is no longer there. It's a very wistful way of expressing "You can no longer go back home again."

In a way, I've been cursed and blessed with that feeling of bōkyō since I've had two homes: one in Toronto, one in Ichikawa. No matter where I have been, I will always have longing memories of being back in the other city. However with this pandemic perhaps slowly going away, I'm glad that I was here in Toronto with the family.

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