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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Hakushi Hasegawa -- Kusaki(草木)


Earlier this year, I introduced a singer named Hakushi Hasegawa(長谷川白紙)onto "Kayo Kyoku Plus" via his song "Doku"(毒)from his 2018 album "Kusaki Houdou"(草木萌動...Plants Sprouting). I cheekily posited that the video might have people who suffer from ludilophobia running for the exits, and the song itself is perhaps something that I would call avant-pop.

Well, also from "Kusaki Houdou" is "Kusaki" (Plants) which once again brings all sorts of sounds into the ears and all sorts of images into the eyes via the official music video. Mind you, this time Hasegawa has some Shibuya-kei free jazz in the beginning and end (and a jazzy trumpet solo in the middle) but otherwise it's a similar cacophony to "Doku". The video's theme this time includes all sorts of plant life with a couple of interpretive dancers clad in black. At first thought, I'd assumed that Hasegawa was the first dancer!

By the way, before you click on the video, make sure that you watch it in a brightly lit room. From about 00:14, a whole bunch of images come flying at you for about 17 seconds.

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