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Friday, June 4, 2021

Kazuhiro Nishimatsu -- Hong Kong Bojou(香港慕情)


Considering the target song here, I thought it would be nice to bring back a bit of J Utah and his driving videos, specifically the one for nighttime Hong Kong. That's definitely one municipality that I wouldn't mind visiting again someday when things have truly become safer (politically and medically). It has such a different feeling from either Tokyo or Toronto, and being a foodie, the culinary fare can't be beat...will always remember the steamed crabs in sauce.

I have to keep on the Kazuhiro Nishimatsu(西松一博)file and his unique brand of music, especially where his 1985 album "Bouekifu Monogatari"(貿易風物語)is concerned. I've already given a couple of articles' worth of attention to this album mixing in the past and the contemporary and the jazzy and the synthy, thanks to this wizard Nishimatsu. However, there are more tracks to cover.

One is "Hong Kong Bojou" (Yearning for Hong Kong) which once again features an old-fashioned jazz love song that simply screams for Nishimatsu to be in a tuxedo and pencil-thin moustache while cradling a huge microphone stand in his arms. Yet, the melody has that technopop shine so the audience could be populated by robots as well as the well-heeled. It certainly fits the mood of the album. Nishimatsu was behind the music while Tokiko Iwatani(岩谷時子)provided the lyrics.

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