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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Hidefumi Toki -- You're Dancing


Last night, I heard through the Come Along Radio Twitter account that saxophonist Hidefumi Toki(土岐英史)had passed away on June 26th at the age of 71. Almost a year ago, I wrote about Toki and the first track from his 1978 album "City", "Speak Low" since I enjoyed listening to the track so much.

In tribute to the Kobe-born musician, I'm going to go with his nearly 10-minute long jam called "You're Dancing", the title track from his album that I found from his website was released in 1979. Smooth Toki and his mates each have a ball taking the steering wheel whether it be him, punchy trombonist Hiroshi Fukumura, footloose and fancy-free pianist Aki Takase and snappy drummer Arihide Kurata. Kurata especially gets on that marching beat. The whole song has a good drive with a mellow beginning which reminds me a bit of a rendition of "In a sentimental mood" by Duke Ellington that I used to know.

Toki's most recent album was the September 2020 "Guitar Man" with him on alto saxophone. My condolences go to his family, friends and fans.

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