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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Mieko Nishijima -- Bye-Bye


Mieko Nishijima's(西島三重子)"Bye-Bye" has got quite the bouncy bass in there but I'm not quite ready to call it a City Pop song just yet, and perhaps thanks to those flutes or ocarinas or whatever instrument is blowing, there is some hint of an exotic kayo that I'm more confident in categorizing it as. "Bye-Bye" is Nishijima's 5th single from May 1981 and it's got some more of that oomph than would be typical for one of her tunes.

Written by Nishijima and Kenji Kadoya(門谷憲二), a frequent collaborator, and composed by Nishijima, it's a really jaunty tune about a woman who declares that it's time to move on from a dead romance, and the way that the singer delivers those lyrics, the lady seems to be more than happy to kiss the cad off right then and there. Such is life in the big city!

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