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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Miyuki Yokoyama/THE CRAZY RIDER Yokohama Ginbae ROLLING SPECIAL -- I Make You(アイ・メイク・ユー)


It's a comfortably lazy Sunday out there (at least until the thunderstorms roll in later) so perhaps it might be appropriate to bring in an old rock n' roll ballad. 

First off, I have Miyuki Yokoyama's(横山みゆき)5th single from August 1982, "I Make You" which was written and composed by Shokichi "Sho" Tamiya(田宮将吉), the main vocalist of the rock band THE CRAZY RIDER Yokohama Ginbae ROLLING SPECIAL(THE CRAZY RIDER 横浜銀蝿 ROLLING SPECIAL), with Kei Wakakusa(若草恵)handling the arrangements. At first, I'd thought that the title was similar to the sentiments of "You complete me", that famous quote from the old Tom Cruise movie "Jerry Maguire". However, there is the repeated lyric of "I make you...lonely girl" which actually describes the melancholy feelings of a guy after breaking up with his love. Still, I cannot deny the lovely electric guitar in "I Make You" along with those shimmering strings that sweep on in. It may be a breakup but it's one beautiful and poignant breakup.

Yokohama Ginbae did a cover of "I Make You" a year later for their December 1983 6th album "Bucchigiri Reverse"(ぶっちぎりR...Breaking Away Reverse), and their take feels even more 50s rock n' roll, especially with Sho's heartbroken and raspy delivery before everyone comes in.

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