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Saturday, June 26, 2021

City Craft -- Higanzakura(彼岸桜)


A little over a couple of months ago, I wrote about a very obscure folk duo called City Craft(シティ・クラフト)and their song, "Niji wo Kakete Miseru"(虹を架けてみせる), from 1981. It was a very pleasant ditty with a mix of bossa nova, AOR and folk

Still, no change in the dearth of information on City Craft, although I think since the songwriter for that first song, Shunichi Tomori(戸森俊一), also handles the music for the song of this article, "Higanzakura" (Weeping Cherry), perhaps Tomori is indeed one of the duo. Judging from the above thumbnail, "Higanzakura" was a single by City Craft but it's also a track on their 1981 album"Kisetsufuu"(季節風...Seasonal Winds).

Prolific Machiko Ryu(竜真知子)was the lyricist here and she weaves a sad story of a couple who had been engaged to be married, only for the fiancé to be taken away by another lover...the city itself. Bad city! Bad bad city! In any case, bad kayo joke aside, "Higanzakura" is more in the folk vein when compared with "Niji wo Kakete Miseru" but with a slightly more contemporary spin thanks to some of the instruments involved. The arrangement was handled by Masaaki Omura(大村雅朗). Once again, I'm left with the request for any more information about City Craft. For example, what is the name of the other member?

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