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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Miyuki Kosaka -- Mizu no Naka no Knife(水の中のナイフ)


Welcome to June! We're looking forward to some more summery weather but some rain, too, since we were a little dry last month. Of course, some reopening from the pandemic will also be happily appreciated.

From that title, "Mizu no Naka no Knife" (Knife in the Water) reads as something far more ominous than it really is. This track by Miyuki Kosaka(香坂みゆき)from her penultimate album "Nouvelle Adresse" (sic) released in October 1987 is actually quite mellow. Written by Yumi Yoshimoto(吉元由美)and composed by Hitoshi Haba(羽場仁志), the song sounds like the type of music that I was hearing from a number of female singer-songwriters such as Miki Imai(今井美樹)and Midori Karashima(辛島美登里)in the late 1980s to early 1990s. It's the sort of song that I would probably hear over the speakers in some sort of peaceful café in the neighbourhood.

Hopefully, the only knife involved here is the one slicing out a wedge of cheesecake or apple pie in that café. Incidentally, I wouldn't mind seeing those opening up again really soon.

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