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Friday, November 23, 2018

Sing Like Talking -- Maboroshi ni Koi suru Hibi(幻に恋する日々)

I wasn't quite sure about the meaning of the title for this Sing Like Talking ballad, "Maboroshi ni Koi suru Hibi", so I just threw it into the Google Translate for laughs, and got "Every Day I Fall in Love with Visions". Strangely enough, I kinda reacted with "Hm...not too bad".

Well, my reaction to the actual song was quite a bit more enthusiastic since Sing Like Talking is one of my favourite bands, and they've usually come up with the goods for fans of smooth urban contemporary music in Japan. This track from their 7th original album "togetherness" (April 1994) is another round of soulful evening goodness to me led by Chikuzen Sato's(佐藤竹善)wonderful singing, as he relates his bandmate Chiaki Fujita's(藤田千章)lyrics about a man wringing his hands at the loss of his love. Sato came up with the silky melody. The whole song reminds me of the good ol' days of folks like Anita Baker and DeBarge.

"togetherness" also has the great dynamic track "Together" which was the very first article on the band that I provided for "Kayo Kyoku Plus". The album did hit the No. 1 mark on Oricon.

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