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Monday, October 29, 2012

Top 10 Singles for 1980

1. Monta & Brothers          Dancing All Night
2. Saki Kubota                  Ihoujin
3. Crystal King                  Dai Tokai
4. The Chanels                  Runaway
5. Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi        Junko
6. Kaientai                       Okuru Kotoba
7. Hiroshi Itsuki                 Omae to Futari
8. Los Indios & Silvia          Wakaretemo Sukina Hito
9. Off Course                    Sayonara
10. Toshihiko Tahara           Aishuu Date

With the exception of the No. 10 entry by Tahara, there wasn't another aidoru song listed on the 1980 Top 10 Singles which is rather remarkable.Six of the ten have already been profiled (the top 4, No. 6 and No. 9) so have a look if you like. I think for me, Saki Kubota's exotic "Ihoujin" and Off Course's still-loved "Sayonara"are my two favourites out of these ten.

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