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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kaoru Uemura -- Comin' Together

Again, one of those singers that I was able to find out about via "Japanese City Pop", and the book didn't even contain this song. I found her on an album called "Loft Sessions Vol. 1" which I bought on the book's recommendation. The album featured a number of young up-and-coming singers of the time who performed at the live house, Loft, in Shinjuku in the late 1970s. The primary reason that I got the album is that one of those singers was a pre-debut Mariya Takeuchi(竹内まりや).

However, when I punched in the name of Kaoru Uemura(上村かをる) into YouTube, I was able to find this nostalgically funky number titled "Comin' Together" by Uemura for her album, "Just My Feeling", released in 1979. I was always a sucker for a good round of horns and Fender Rhodes.

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